Our Clients

We are proud of our partners and we have a strong and mutually beneficial relationship with them. Transparent policy and mutual responsibility for results are the main points in our business relations. Setting up ambitious goals for the future, we are always open to new partners.

Our partners in service of sales and marketing management

logo1   -Intersnack Holdings

Intersnack Holding was founded in Germany in 1962. Today it is one of the world’s largest manufacturer of snack products under various brands.
Intersnack portfolio of brands includes a wide range of brands represented in all European countries. Brands «Chio», which European consumer has always been associated with potato chips and «Felix», a brand associated with different kinds of nuts, are the key international brands of Intersnack. Brands «Funny Frish» (French fries, potato chips), «Wolf» (savory mini biscuits), «Pom-Bar» (extruded snacks), «Vico» (France, the entire snack portfolio) also are very well known in Europe.
Intersnack Group has a powerful resource and production base. Thus, only in Germany there are 4 major plants, and there is a number of production facilities are based and developing in Eastern Europe (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, etc.), totally 28 plants. But, regardless of location, all plants are united by a common holding company principle: excellent and reliable quality above all.

logo3   – Kuriya Sushi b.v.

Excellent Food &Snack Company was founded in 1997. Initially, the company launched production of fresh sushi for supermarkets, food courts and seafood stores. In 2000 company launched production of frozen sushi «Kuriya Sushi», which immediately became very popular in Europe. To meet the high demand, company purchased automatic equipment from Japan, which has a production capacity of more than 7,000 rolls and sushi per hour. The company’s staff had been trained in Japan, as well as many employees from Japan are actively involved in the production. Today, Kuriya Sushi b.v. occupies about 80% of frozen sushi in Europe, and its products are present in such retail food store chains as Ahold, Koop-consult, SPAR, Sligro Food Group, Metro Group, Schwarz Group, Jumbo, Billa, Dekamarkt, CoopCodis, Deen, Vomar Voordeelmarkt, Nettorama, Costco, Jan Linders, Boni markten, Sanders and many others. From 2009 thanks to 2K Project company assistance, Kuriya Sushi b.v. products became available for Russian consumers.

ssss -Santiveri S.L.
«Santiveri SL» was founded in 1885 in Barcelona, Spain. For more than 120 years and four generations of family Santiveri runs the company. Santiveri’s philosophy is simple: producing healthy foods from natural ingredients with no preservatives, food colorings and artificial additives.

In Spain, Santiveri’s products are distributed through its own and franchise health stores, with more than 270 points of sales. Their product are sold in all main retail food store chains – EROSKI, MERCADONA, CAPRABO, AHOLD & AUCHAN, ALCAMPO. Santiveri exports its products to more than 29 countries: to Italy, Portugal, Romania, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Chile, Greece, Cyprus, the Republic of Cuba, Belgium, Croatia, Austria, Israel, Nicaragua, Brazil, Philippines.

The company is headquartered in Barcelona, also has representations in Madrid and La Coruña. Three main production and logistics centers located in Spain: Barcelona, Peñafiel (near Madrid) and Lérida (near Barcelona). Santiveri S.L. comprises Department of Advertising and Marketing, Department of Quality Control, Department of Research and Development, as well as its own logistic structure. Also is issued by Santiveri monthly magazine “Dietetica y Salud”, about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and diet.

logo -Garnec

Garnec is an old Russian word that was used in the days when no one had heard of the words “genetic engineering”, “food additives”, “herbicides”, “pesticides”, etc. For Garnec it means a commitment to simple and healthy foods and to its quality which is very close to the product of ancient times. Selection pursued by mankind during last millennium has created current wheat, which is very different in composition from its parent known as “spelt wheat”.

Further improvement of the baking process, refining flour, invention of additives (in particular, panifarine) has led to emergence of specific diseases. The history of baking and flour producing is, unfortunately, the struggle for cost and taste. The matter of advantages and disadvantages was the least important. Garnec does not use any refining or “chemical additives” in the production. No one is able to create food for human’s body assimilation better than nature. Garnec company produce OTHER flour №1.

Our partners in garment manufacturing industry
We have a unique experience with Vietnamese garment manufacturers and managed to establish working and trusting relationship with dozens of Vietnamese factories not only in garment production, but also textiles, accessories and packaging in Southeast Asian countries and China. Perhaps, our company is the only sourcing and quality control agent which provides such a wide range of services in Vietnam.
We also have good source in central Vietnam (Danang City) and the north (Hanoi capital), where the most of outerwear of Vietnam are located. If necessary, any of our employees can immediately come to any of the garment factories to negotiate issues at the site.