Launching Products to the Market

Launching product and brand of a foreign company to new market is a large range of activities, ranging from market research and analysis to establishing sales and distribution.

Now-a-days it is needed 3-5 years to launch new products or services on the Russian market and to create stable platform for the further development. This time is necessary not only to conduct preliminary research and market analysis, to develop a launching strategy and start to implement it. When a new product appears on the market, there are many small factors that determine the success or failure of that strategy. This means that the first 3-4 years of product’s presence on the market it is necessary to monitor it and respond quickly to any changes of the market. Usually we mark out several stages of launching of the products, services:


To learn more about this service you should download our presentation of launching services.

Emerging markets are interesting because it is not always necessary to have big budgets to launch and gain the desired market share.
We can significantly reduce the costs for launching product if we understand the market, know launched brands and products advantages (which allows it to stand out against the background of their already known competitors) and to manage the budget over time and sales channels.

Our company is one of the few who provides services of launching to the market, not only in the format of research, strategy building and consultation on its implementation, but also implements the approved strategy, bringing together the financial risks with the client. The cost of our services is not low, but:

- client is not paying before sales start
– client pays after receiving payment for sold goods only
– almost all of the cost of services is the % of clients sales

We have extensive experience in the implementation of such projects on the FMCG market (mainly foodstuffs), but we are always open to start projects e and in other areas as many of the technologies are very common/similar in many fields and we learn a lot in the implementation of such projects.