Strategy Development

Development strategies in new markets is one of the stages of our launching op product to the market, but we can also can be as a development consultant of the project.
This service is focused on companies that are interested in a significant and qualitative change in the company’s position in the market, revenue growth, increase of market share and companies that have plans to enter new markets.

The strength of the Country Management’s implemented projects on strategies development is a tangible and clear result. The customer gets a clear and realistic plan of implementation of the development strategy wich focused on the goals and objectives of the company (not formal recommendations which are far from the market situation).

What can client get as a result of an effective development strategy:
• Improving of market positions
• Market share growth
• Increasing the number of loyal customers/consumers
• Sales increase faster than competitors and average on the market
• Possibilities to launch in new markets
• Geographic expansion of sales
• Launching of new products and services in the market.

The format of implementation the project on development strategy:

The project is implemented in the format of a single project group from among the representatives of a company and a consultant.


The key decisions and discussions are held in the format of strategy sessions (strategic sessions planning) and there is consistent analytical and methodical work done by all members of the working group (intercessional work).

The value of this format is that the representatives of the client company closely involved in strategic planning and decision-making for the development of Company’s business.

The basic points of cooperation in the framework of the project:

• Setting up of strategy sessions where all participants of working group are involved.
• Team work and thematic meetings on local issues
• Internal individual interviews with co-workers and experts
• Teaching seminars and workshops for sharing experience, methodologies and technologies
• Technical support and collaboration in analytical works

Main stages of marketing strategy development:
Company audit and market analysis – preparation of strategic projects portfolio – approval and launch marketing strategy – monitoring and follow-up


• Defining goals and strategic direction for development of the company.
• Diagnosis of the situation in the company, internal information and and reports analysis of Marketing and Development Department, SWOT-analysis.
• Research and analysis of the market, the definition of the company’s position in the market.
• Researching of competitive environment and direct competitors.
• Strategic analysis of the information and the definition of strategic alternatives and prospects of the company.
• The final choice of strategic alternatives for the company.
• Description of principles of marketing strategy based on 5P.
• Definition of a portfolio of strategic projects for the implementation of marketing strategies for key blocks:
• Branding policy for company’s trademarks.
• Assortment and price policy, price positioning of the company.
• Sales and distribution policy, distribution channels.
• Company’s advertisement and trade marketing policy
• System and marketing service, department of marketing and development structure.
• Motivation and KPI of marketing and sales service.
• Brand and market analysis.
• Principles of learning, knowledge transfer and storage of information and experience.
• Development of a plan for implementing a marketing strategy (schedule changes and plan for the implementation of projects).
• Implementation of marketing strategies follow-up (methodological support, implementation plan audit, education and training, HR support, etc.).