Sales and Marketing Management

Why do some products have different volumes of sales in different places? Why two nearly identical products sales are developing differently in the same area? Why do some products have to spend high promotion budgets and similar products have much lover promotional budgets but the sales are almost identical?

Very often it is more complicated for manufacturer to see from the inside the real causes of such difficulties as information manufacturer has about product is limited by the market in which the company operates. Working with a variety of clients from different markets, we have more information, we can compare, apply successful ideas and technologies from other markets and conduct cross shares and we are reducing marketing costs by doing it. We are more motivated and focused on the result than the customer’s own employees who receive a fixed salary as our fee is only a commission of the payments from customers on the territory we are in charge.

The average sales increase of our customers in an area where sales and marketing are managed by our company is more than 50% per year and, as a rule, at least 1.5-2 times higher than the growth in the early development by the customer with the similar marketing budget.

See below the model of the first stage of sales and marketing management provided by us.
More detailed information can be found in our presentation.
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