ODRI Rice organic

ODRI RICE is grown up and harvested only on the bio certified, environmentally friendly fields.

•Carefully selected grain crops for production of rice ODRI.

•The rice is harvested manually.

•ODRI rice passes computer control at selection of the best grains, and also control at each stage of production is obligatory.

•Three-stage method of tertiary treatment of raw materials for production of rice: sifting through slightly various kinds of sieves, an air purge from a dust and a muchka which is formed during clashes of grains, a transmission through metallomagnetic catchers.

•Modern production technologies and careful processing of rice allow to keep a maximum of useful substances which are specified on packing.

•The full cycle of production is provided from rice cultivation to rice packing.

all rice in box

 product line:

  • basmati organic rice

  • brown organic rice

  • red organic rice

  • mix organic rice (15% of black organic rice, 15% of red organic rice, 70% of brown organic rice)

  • black organic rice