How to become a partner

Option 1.
You are a professional in the field of sales, marketing or sourcing and you are a resident in the country, where our company has not had any business activities yet. In this case we provide you customers and technology to provide our services; at the same time you can find customers who are interested in our services in the countries where we have established our business. At the start of the first project we register a representative office in your country, where you will be a key part owner with a share of 60%. The share of our company is 40%, but we do not participate in income of the representative office, and the only function is control and help. The mother company also provides a minimal necessary financial support for the representative company for up to 6 months.

Your main goal is to make the daughter company profitable. Revenue is distributed between the Mother Company and representative company as follows: 15% is going to the Mother Company for operation activities (legal protection of contracts, banking, audit) and development. 2/3 out of the remaining amount goes to the side which is directly providing services, and 1/3 – to the side which finds a client and provides communication with him.

When you reach an annual turnover of your representative office of not less than the average of the turnover of all offices of the company, you become part owner of the mother company with a share calculated as 35% / N, where N – number of members have already entered the co-founders list including the company’s founders. Currently N=1. Upon reaching each new representative office of these indicators, its share of the parent company is provided by the redistribution of shares of other shareholders in proportion to their shares.

Option 2.
You are an expert in other field of services. You are thinking about your own business project but you cannot make a final decision. We are ready to provide a necessary financial support on the early stage.

Also we are ready to promote your services in those countries we are presented if these services can be there in demand and quality provided in the countries where have set up our business. The system of distribution of shares in the company and income is similar to Option 1.

Option 3.
You have been running the business providing services similar to ours or you render other services.

You want to expand the geography and the range of your business activities. We are adding your services to our website and begin offering them in markets where we already do business or where we have partners, in return you offer our services in the country or region where you run your business.
We also train you and your stuff and help in the providing of services in which we specialize, so you can provide these services in your country for customers with whom we already work in other countries and regions. In this case, you get 1/3 of total revenue of the project if you find the customer and provide communication with him and 2/3 of the total revenue if you provide services, and our company provides you a client and communication with him.

If you are interested in one of the options of the partnership program, do not hesitate to fill out the form in the “Request to become a partner.” We will get back to you within 2 or 3 days for a more detailed discussion of cooperation.