901.11.2012 – Country Management’s website now available in Russian and English.

02.03.2013 Country Management has launched 100% goods inspection and sorting in garment manufacturing.

Soon Vietnam will participate in the Customs Union of Russia-Belarus-Kazakhstan.
The agreement on free trade zone with Customs Union and Vietnam will be discussed in the first round of negotiations on 27-29 March 2013 in Hanoi by representatives of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, the Eurasian Economic Commission and Vietnam. The delegation of the Customs Union is headed by a member of the trade board (the Minister) of the United Economic Zone Andrey Slepnyov, the Vietnamese delegation – Minister of Industry and Trade of Vietnam Vu Huu Hoang.

During the negotiations which began in Hanoi parties intend to discuss the structure of the free trade zone agreement, in particular – the mechanisms for the implementation of the document. It is aimed to form a Free Trade Zone agreement, which will regulate not only trade in goods, but also services, will determine access to the investment markets, possibilities of participation in large government infrastructure projects.

Information on the possible joining of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam to the Customs Union came in 2011: the official Hanoi wished to create a free trade zone with the Customs Union. In 2012, representatives of both sides activated discussions with the countries of the Customs Union and Common Economic Space on concluding an agreement to establish a free trade zone (FTA).

Kazakhstan supported the initiative of Vietnam, the Eurasian Economic Commission also approved the aspirations of the Vietnamese side. During the past 2-9 September 2012 APEC summit “Vladivostok-2012″ was announced negotiations with Vietnam on the conclusion of an agreement on an FTA.

Intergovernmental negotiations on the accession of Vietnam to the FTA are scheduled for the second half of 2013